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NCLEX Refresher Program

The NCLEX Refresher Programs were designed for the Student who is a graduate of an RN or LPN program, has not successfully passed the State Board Licensing exam for the third time, and has written approval from the State Board of Nursing to take this course to be able to sit for another exam date. The programs consist of the following:

International Registered Nurse Refresher - This program meets the guidelines set by the Colorado Board of Nursing for nurses who desire to return to the workforce and need a refresher to begin working. Employers in the health field are also setting this requirement prior to employment in the health care setting. This course offers a comprehensive hands-on skills lab and assistance with clinical practicum. This program addresses the communication and cultural needs of the student, in addition to the standard refresher curriculum. Currently, there is a nationwide need for nurses who speak a foreign language. Research shows that by employment of a foreign nurse ensures that the nurse can speak the patient’s language fluently. Not only does this serve to break down language barriers and alleviate patient stress, it provides for better patient care.

NCLEX RN Refresher *ALL NEW - This comprehensive course is designed to meet the State BON's requirements for those who have taken the NCLEX three times without success. Approval must be sought through the BON, via an appeal process to register for this program. *TBA


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